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Best Baccarat Tips

The question is being asked why is it wise to play baccarat if systems and strategies have no use in the game. The answer is simple. The game naturally gives one of the lowest House Edges in the online casinos. There are only three bets a player can make, one of which should be avoided at all times. Of the two other bets, they are relatively close in odds, although it is advisable to play only one of these bets. Thus, it is a smart game to play no matter what. It has the glamour and prestige of the gambling world.

You can try the following strategy tips to optimize your success at online playing.

# 1 Tip

A Bet on the banker is the bet that offers you the best odds of winning. Your chances of winning a Banker bet are 44.61%. This makes A Banker bet the best bet for the gambler to make - even though the casino will charge you a 5% commission on winning banker bets.

# 2 Tip

Some casinos offers you the chance to bet on a Tie - this is the worst bet at the table for you. The casino has an advantage of 14% at a Tie bet when the tie pay odds 1-8. Some casinos offers 1-9 so that is a bit better - but still not a recommended bet.

# 3 Tip

Trying to beat the casinos edge with any betting system will all fail in the long run - so don't waste your money!

# 4 Tip

When you play in a real casino and bet on the banker; always make sure that you have spare money so that you are able to pay the casino the 5% commission when you want to leave the table. The commission is first due when you leave the table.

# 5 Tip

This is a game of chance - not a game of skill. The secret of winning is to quit playing while you are ahead.

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