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The origins of Baccarat are not well-established as many other gambling games. Most people agree that game dates back to the Middle Ages, although some gaming scholars differ in their opinion of its founding father,the majority say that the game was first played with a Tarot deck.

According to one theory, Baccarat is said to have been created by the Italian money-lender, Lino Bussoli, in the remote and mountainous region of Abruzzo. Bussoli was feared throughout the region due to his shady dealings and his unsightly appearance. Born with a severely hooked nose, it did not help that both his ears were cut off by a local citizen-soldier as punishment for his crooked behaviour and disloyalty to the principality. Even this did not stop him from devising new and clever ways to make money. Some say he is responsible for a host of gambling games which have evolved and changed over the years as they spread to various parts of the world. I guess – Born a gambler and you will die a gambler.

The original version of Baccarat made its way to France, where it found a home among the French aristocracy. The game continued to evolve and now there are 4 contemporary variations:

  1. American
  2. Chemin de Fer
  3. European
  4. Baccarat en Banque

However it is unclear when Baccarat first came to American casinos, however. One widely believed explanation is that it arrived at the Sands casino in Las Vegas in 1959 or 1960, brought from Cuba by casino owner Tommy Renzoni, just before Castro seized control of the Island. This form of the game was adapted from the French version Chemin de Fer, and was said to have arrived in Cuba via Argentina. Finally, the game has now manifested itself on the internet with its online variation.

Game has a rich history overseas as well, which is demonstrated by its popularity among the Asian population who visit Las Vegas each year. Some of the highest of the high rollers often arrive from overseas to try their hand in the glitz and glamour of the plush Vegas baccarat rooms. In casinos based in the Portuguese territory of Macao, near Hong Kong, the popularity of baccarat is unrivaled. Unlike the heavily-regulated and systematic American casinos, these Portuguese tables often allow multiple players to bet on a single spot at the same time, while the expert dealers mentally keep track of each player's commission on winning bank bets.

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